Decoding the high-stakes arrival of global masterpieces in India | India News - Times of India

India has swung open its doors to the world’s most prized treasures from museums worldwide. But getting fragile, valuable and ancient art from foreign lands to Indian shores is far from just a bubble wrap. It’s a logistical labyrinth where trust is the ultimate currency to secure loans from international museums and galleries while conservators, art handlers, and fine art logistics companies work in tandem to ensure every art piece glides through borders seamlessly.

Class act: For city teachers, tiding over hate is a matter of faith

A stark reminder of the influence educators wield was the unsettling incident in Muzaffarnagar, where divisiveness breached classroom walls when school teacher Tripta Tyagi made allegedly and instructed her students to slap a Muslim classmate for struggling with multiplication tables. With Teachers’ Day (September 5) approaching, we turn the spotlight on a cohort of educators in Mumbai who are going beyond academic rigours to create more inclusive and empathetic learning spaces.

Dharavi hip-hop school to rear b-boying talent for Olympics

The orderly wooden benches in Shree Ganesh Vidya Mandir's classroom have been nudged aside to make space for a new kind of education. Instead of uniformed kids and the rustle of notebooks, the air is charged with the energy of youngsters in baggy tees and cargos, defying gravity, spinning on their heads and spitting out rhymes to the sound of beatboxers.In that very moment, accompanied by a cracking coconut and the chorus of 'Ganpati Bappa Morya,' a school is born-the 'Hip Hop Paathshala'

Sandwiches go gourmet, and it may be the best thing that happened to sliced bread

Lights, camera, sandwiches ! Move over, avant-garde entrees and main courses, there’s a new star in town and it comes neatly wrapped in two slices of bread. Defying all fads, the humble sandwich — that continues to grace school, college and office cafeterias in all its chutney, cheese and chicken modesty — has stealthily risen from the shadows to claim its place as the latest breakout star on the culinary red carpet.

Tote bags, T-shirts & trinkets: Queer-run businesses move beyond rainbow cliches

As June rolls in, so does an influx of rainbow-themed goodies everywhere. While the queer community could do with visible support, it is also the first to remind you that Pride Month isn't just about the all-colour spectrum. A new wave of queer entrepreneurs are trying to redefine rainbow capitalism with ventures that reflect their identities beyond rainbow cliches.Last weekend a two-day showcase at BKC called 'Queer Made' amplified businesses and products owned and created by India's queer community.

Why Indian screenwriters are watching Hollywood writers strike

While streaming has changed the way we consume content, screenwriters say some things haven’t changed — their compensation, lack of credits or the lopsided contracts. A battle is raging in America’s Tinseltown. For the first time in 15 years, the Writers Guild of America (WGA ) launched an industry-wide strike demanding fair pay and benefits rather than being treated like gig workers. In a spillover effect, writers guilds across the world united to fight back, including India’s Screenwriters Association.

Can India’s grandest cultural centre become its finest?

Amid the grey, glassand-steel skyscrapers of Mumbai’s BKC, there is now a jolt of colour. The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre ( NMACC ), an arts and culture hub that opened last month, is a kaleidoscope of buildings with three overarching gold leaves and a lotus motif running through it. Just as its building has injected colour into the sterile landscape many hope Mumbai’s newest cultural playground will spark a new sense and standard of patronage for the arts.

How Indian artists are using AI, AR to let creativity soar

Would Impressionists like Monet and Renoir have existed had it not been for the invention of the portable paint tubes that allowed them to escape the studio, take inspiration from the world outdoors and experiment with new lightfast pigments invented by industrial chemists in the 19th century? What would have become of the ‘60s pop art movement had Andy Warhol not discovered silkscreen printing, the process of transferring images from magazines or newspapers to canvas?

Guitar vs lathi: Indian buskers face the music

You hear them before you see them, and when you do, you’re likely to stop in your tracks and sing or tap along with these nameless street artistes or ‘buskers’, as they’re commonly called, who are increasingly livening up India’s public spaces. From parking lots, mall and metro gates to the likes of Delhi’s Connaught Place , Mumbai’s Carter Road or Bengaluru’s Church Street, buskers have been popping up and turning the street into their stage.

Would you stay in a murder house? | India News - Times of India

Would you rent Aftab’s flat or the Burari ‘house of horror’? Sunday Times tracks properties with an unsavoury history to find out if there are takers

Setting up a good quality path lab in Delhi was a dream for Mohan Singh Kashyap. He managed to set up one in 2014 in Sant Nagar but five years on, it was time for him to vacate. Crestfallen at first, he lucked out soon after on a “nice and spacious” three-storey bungalow that came with an empty ground floor to set up his lab again, a five-bedroom

Now Indian Art Index, a head-heart confluence, to help price artworks

To bring transparency to the “opaque” art market in India that has hobbled due to a lack of data or pricing models, Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIMA) along with Mumbai-based Aura Art Development , that provides art infrastructure solutions, launched a first-of-itskind ‘Indian Art Index’ on Thursday to help art collectors, new buyers and artists better understand the economic value of an artwork based on data instead of “a gut feeling”.

Old villas, ice factory make space for art, architecture & community

In its past avatar, it was a century-old East Indian family home that stood in the meandering lanes of Pali Village concealed behind Bandra ’s highrises.The Crastos’ ancestral bungalow has a similar vintage but is on the other side of town. Built in the 1890s in Khotachiwadi, it housed a printing press and functioned partly as a gym with the family living on the floor above. The third such spot is a 10,000 sq ft space in the dockyards of Ballard Estate, which was Mumbai’s oldest ice factory.
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